Deal Alert: Revlon Nail Polish

Going to stores like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or Target always end up with me buying some sort of beauty items. More than half the time I don't really need any of it but its just so fun to try out new products, colors, and brands!

This morning, I headed over to Walgreen to pick up some medicine so I made sure to
stop by the three aisles in the front that feature new products. But while searching around I found a cute wicker basket that had a at least 20 different nail polishes that seemed to be on clearance.

Lucky Day! They had some gorgeous colors that everyone has been rockin' all summer long. So while the season may be ending for most people in the U.S., those of us in South Florida have quite a lot more time in the sun.

So these shades will work a lot longer for us. The shot above shows the newest addition to my nail color arsenal, its Revlon's Siren #44. It's kind of a coral color that reminds me of Essie's Vermillionaire but a little more orange.

The best part? The $3.99 price tag!!


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