H&M and Zara (finally!) open up US sales via internet

I have a feeling that the folks at H&M got sick and tired of seeing my comments on their official Facebook page asking for an e-commerce site. There are many of us in the US who suffer without having a store within a 30 mile radius so we can stock up on their fabulous clothes every season.

 At long last, the Swedish retailer has teamed up with Elle in order to make my dream a reality. At least partially.... When shopping via
Elle's site, you will only have access to four looks from H&M’s fall collection including Menswear Inspired, 60's Mod, Modern Biker, and Color Blocking, with four or five pieces from each look.
Sadly none of these pieces are making my fingers rush over to Elle to shop but I hope by the time H&M launches their own e-commerce site in 2012 I will be able to purchase just about anything available in their stores. 

Spanish clothing retailer Zara is also making waves with not just an announcement about their e-commerce site but also the release of their August lookbook. (with only today left in the month, they got it in just in the nick of time!)

I have at least 3 ensembles that I'm dying to try on and see how they look once all my curves have slipped in! The dress in the center, which is obviously my favorite, is a popular look for the fall. I've already seen at least 4 or 5 other retailers carrying similar dresses in gold and silver. I'm loving this one best though since the black allows for the sequins to shine!
Are you excited about all the online shopping soon to be available or do you prefer to hit up the stores to make sure things fit properly?


  1. I like what you chose... and the H&M sweaters seem cool- but I donno :)
    hope they come out soon!
    I liked ur header a lot!!! Im planning to change mine soon so checking for ideas ;)

  2. Thanks girl! Yeah I'm not fond of the items H&M has available now so I will wait.

    Do you have a store near you? I can't wait until they open one in Miami.

    Thanks for the sweet compliment about my header! I think my header is a bit large, waiting to have some time to play with it a little.