Love It: Steve Madden 'Bevv' Pump

My friends Jose and Casey dragged me out to Macy's yesterday to watch a rapper perform. While I do not doubt that the talent that was there is loved by many, he was just not my cup of tea.

But since my friends were there for the long haul, I decided to take a walk over to the shoe section for a bit of trouble. Now THIS is what I call a
fun Saturday afternoon!!

As habit, I walk around looking for sexy shoes, try them on, and walk around and see how they feel. I've done this so many times on days when I was depressed and it instantly cheers me up! Am I the only one?

Any who....

I found these HOT! Steve Madden's pumps called the "Bevv". It is faux snake skin and it featured a 5" heel and a 1" platform in the front. I got compliments on the shoes just while walking around in them!

Not to mention they were marked down from $99 to $80 during a big sale.

I was surprised at how comfortable they were as well for being such tall shoes. But then again, I am one of those girls who REALLY loves wearing heels.

I think they will go perfectly with a sexy black or coral dress.

What do you guys think?

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