Miranda Kerr returns to posing in a bikini with no stretchmarks in sight!

It's no small feat to welcome a 10 lb baby into the world but try doing that and not getting one stretch mark! Somehow, it seems like Australian supermodel (and Orlando Bloom's wife!) Miranda Kerr managed to do just that.

With Miranda having only JUST given birth seven months ago, you wouldn't expect her to
be back in bikini shape this fast right?! Wrong! New ads were revealed today show the 28-year-old posing in some of the prettiest bikinis I've ever seen.

Plus it seems like Mrs. Bloom is enjoying a much more ample bosom these days, probably a result of breastfeeding.

The 22 page ads herald Kerr's return to Victoria's Secret but not to the world of modelling. She hit the runway earlier this month for Australian retailer David Jones in Sydney in support of their Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

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  1. To be fair, all magazine shoots are airbrushed and Photoshopped. I knew a guy who's job it was to Photoshop pics for fashion mags and Playboy. My best friend was a model and he too said that nearly everything was "edited". If Mrs. Bloom has ANY stretch marks, they are edited away and or makeup is applied directly to the body.

    With that said, Mrs. Bloom's job is to be a model and I'm sure she kept in shape during her pregnancy as well as used products to keep that skin super moisturized.

    - Angel S.