Steal My Look: 'True Blood' beauty Kristen Bauer

As a true girl, I love dressing up and putting pretty outfits together for special events. But when I'm just meeting the girls out for a drink or enjoying a date night, I LOVE rockin' a comfy pair of jeans.

Imagine the delight I felt after seeing True Blood beauty Kristen Bauer wearing my go-to combination on the red carpet this week! Could I really combine my comfy/casual look and wear it out to parties?

The trick to making something like this work, is to
find some dressier pieces to pull your look together so as not to look sloppy. This ensemble is the perfect example of how to dress up your jeans for a night out.

Instead of putting a t-shirt with this outfit, I opted for a dressier tunic from K-Mart. At only $11.99 each, you could afford to buy all three colors available!

Nearly every piece selected below was very affordable and can be used many different ways with things already in your closet. The most expensive item was the Verveine Grey Drawstring Jacket by SANDRO coming in at $165.00.

But with fall and winter upon us, even folks in Miami could wear this jacket and not feel stifled. Those of you in cooler climates can layer this and wear it for most of the upcoming season.

One of my favorite items here is the Big Buddha Harper Bag from Zappos. It shows up in my collage below as $100 but right now it's on sale for $62.60.

The laid-back yet structured look helps this bag take you from day-to-night.

The bracelet is from Forever 21 and so affordable! When I go to one of their stores, I grab so many accessories at prices as low as $2.00.

What is your favorite way to dress up your jeans?

Kristen Bauer


  1. Loved the jacket and the bag!!! :D

  2. i love it that military jacket is so chic!!!

  3. Thank you so much Lisa! It was difficult to find a similar jacket but I think this one is PERFECT!

  4. I love that sleeveless tunic. It's simple and yet elegant. $12? K-Mart? Really? I guess I wrote them off a little too soon! I might be heading to K-mart this holiday weekend...