All I want for my birthday is...

I'm such a simple girl, I don't ask for very much. Though I'm sure that is obvious after seeing what I'm asking for this year for my 30ish birthday! The beautiful vehicle you see above is the Limited Edition Fiat 500 by Gucci and it is absolutely dreamy!

Mind you....I am not a car person and could care less about what is going on under the hood. What I care about is the beautifully embossed Guccissima graphics on the leather seats and how the high power brand is represented throughout the entire vehicle.
Believe you me, this is not a sponsored post. For if it was, it would mean I would have some sort of connection with the someone at Fiat who could make this impossible dream a reality!

In the meantime, I will just continue to dream. As my friend Razmin said this morning,
"Nothing Wrong with Dreaming Big!"
So since she is absolutely right, I will take the time to pick some other big ticket items I am dreaming to own. (Whether it's for my birthday or not!)
This delicious Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve in "Magic Purple" is the perfect shade for all seasons. I imagine opening up my bag to get some work done and seeing his sleeve and it putting a huge smile on my face.  And it's priced perfectly at $58.00 from Bloomingdales.

Did you guys know that I'm obsessed with gadgets?   I love electronics almost as much as I love fashion and beauty items.  I've had a lot of fun playing with my Sony DSLR camera for a couple of years now but it seems like you can get the same quality from smaller sized cameras with removable lenses!

So I have my eye on the Sony NEX 5 which not only takes beautiful photos but also take HD video!  Isn't she a beauty?
I guess before I wish for a pair of sexy boots I should request cooler weather for South Florida but since that would be nearly impossible, I can still dream about these YSL beauties.  So even though temperatures will continue to be in the 80's for the foreseeable future, these knee-high boots would help me feel a little more winter-y.

Retail $1196.00 from Bluefly

Another look I absolutely LOVE is the high heel Mary Jane.  It's no coincidence that I fell in love with a pair the same color as the YSL boots.  They are from Luciano Padovan and retail for $510.00.

What do you guys like from my list?


  1. LOVE the Mary Janes! The camera isn't bad either. I will take both thank you. My birthday is in January, save up and pitch in bitches!

  2. Aren't those Mary Janes gorgeous? My list could have gone on and on. Maybe I will add more tomorrow! You only have a few days to save up Renia, ha ha!

  3. Well clearly every girl needs a Gucci car. ;)
    I've totally been lusting over that same laptop sleeve though! Love Mr. Jacobs.