LaLa Vazquez keeps it real about fashion failures!

LaLa Vazquez was honored last night along with hubby Carmelo Anthony at Us Weekly's 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers Of 2011 party held at The Dream Downtown in New York City. The curvy chica looked stunning in a royal blue, satin dress and black Christian Louboutin pumps. 

Since I'm just as busty as Mrs. Anthony, I love seeing what she is rockin' when she is out and about. But just because she looks good 99% of the time, the 32-year-old Latina doesn't deny that occasional fashion fail!   
"All of a sudden everything looks different when it gets photographed. In your mirror at home, you're like, 'This outfit looks great.' Then you look at the pictures the next day and you're like, 'Okay, maybe not,'" Vazquez, 32, shrugged. "We've all had those moments."
I'm so glad someone in the spotlight is honest about those moments when you swear something looks good but seeing the evidence the next day confirms your biggest nightmare. At least for most of us, all we have to worry about is Facebook while celebs like LaLa get torn apart by the media!

What has been some of your fashion blunders?


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