Missoni for Target score! (sort of)

Ever since the Missoni for Target line launched, I have been on a nearly daily mission to find the pieces that I want. So far, I have been very unsuccessful.

After the initial shock of the release the madness calmed down a bit and it's been easier to find available items. I headed to my local Target (at Sawgrass Mills Mall) and managed to find a shelf that had a few pieces including some of their picture frames, a few plastic bowls, gift tags, and this gorgeous media box which I snagged just in time.

By the time I made it down the neighboring aisle, everything from the original shelf was gone!

Madness I tell you!

I had a meeting today down in Miami so I made sure to visit a Target location that is pretty far from my local store.  I was hoping to score the Zig Zag Pattern Flats , the Black and White Pattern Laptop Sleeve  and the Purple/Pink Zig Zag tie (for my hubby!) to no avail.

My first stop was the Target on US-1 and I must say they had no kind of set-up for such a huge release.  When I asked someone on the floor where their Missoni items were, she pointed at a store cart that had items hanging off the handles and thrown inside.


At that moment, I felt like someone buying an imitation handbag out of the trunk of some guy named Lou.  Definitely not the best impression but it did have a few pairs of the Suede pumps and some pjs.  I swear, I couldn't bare to see everything thrown into a cart like that!  I'm kicking myself for not snapping a photo.

I rushed back home to check out my local Target and found two of the travel pillows, sleep masks, and even the Fabric Pentagonal Pouf in Black & White Zig Zag but nothing else.

Are you guys as obsessed with Missoni for Target as I am? Let me know what you have found!


  1. Totally obsessed too! I can't believe how that launch went - I think you probably saw my "Missoni for Target or Missoni for eBay" post. I got there two hours after launch on the day of and practically everything was gone. I did manage to get the flats though!

    I was in a Target the other night & magically found one of those media boxes and one of the scarves too, so it seems like a few pieces are trickling in. It's such madness!

    - anikaguldstrand.wordpress.com

  2. Let me tell you Anika...you found a lot more than I did. It looks like you have a fabulous Target. As mentioned above, one store didn't even have the cute end caps and promotional posters like yours did. It was all put into a cart!

    I also have a question. I've read reviews that the soles of the flats are cheaply made. Have you worn yours? They are gorgeous but I don't want to pay to have them re-soled.

    PS. I did read your post and I totally agreed. There should have been some sort of limit set so as not to have it all land on ebay 5 seconds later.