Rashida Jones wants you to love your hair!

I fell in love with Rashida Jones when she play Karen Filippelli on the NBC hit comedy The Office and I've been following her subsequent work on Parks & Recreation (also on NBC), Cop Out, The Social Network, and this year's summer comedy My Idiot Brother.

So you can imagine how elated I was to hear that Rashida had teamed up with Dove to launch their “Make Friends with Your Hair” campaign! The campaign invites women to share their most unpredictable hair stories to help them end their frustration with unmanageable hair that has a mind of its own.

Make friends with my hair? Is that even possible?  Sometimes I get so pissed off at it I wish I could chop it all off....so I made sure to listen up to see what this campaign was all about.

According to the Dove press release, one in three women experiences dry, rough and frizzy hair that is unpredictable and frustrating to manage. Rashida Jones will address the issue and dramatize the humorous, yet real, relatable struggles that women face with their hair in a series of fun ads to inspire women to participate in the campaign. 
“When I’m on the set or just on the go, like most women, I have dealt with the frustration of dry, rough and frizzy hair that seems impossible to manage,” said Jones. “But by sharing our experiences, women can learn from one another and find simple ways to take control of their tricky hair issues.”
How many of you out there suffer from unruly hair that you wish you could take your frustrations out on??  For details on how to participate or for more information, check out Dove's Facebook page here and website here.  But for now, check out this video below.


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