Steal My Look: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted looking sprightly while departing from her Los Angeles, California home on Wednesday, September 15th, 2011. The Curvy Chica, who hosted a special bingo event that evening, was dressed comfy-yet-cute in a white tee with a huge heart on the front, a pair of flared jeans (Yes! They are back!) and one of my favorite accessories, a fedora hat.
I know that in most cities, fall is starting to come in and temperatures are dropping a bit so I picked out long-sleeve versions of the shirts in case any of you plan to wear this at night. I also assembled this look in both standard and plus sizes so that you can wear the trend no matter what size you are!

Since J. Love's jeans were on the long-side we couldn't get a glimpse of her shoes so I just picked out a fun pair to match this look.

This is a cute ensemble to wear for a casual date night like to the movies or for meeting your friends for a coffee.

Do you like this look?
Steal My Look: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Steal My Look: Jennifer Love Hewitt by rosylicious featuring a fedora hat


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