Come Fly with Me: Travel Essentials

I'm currently in Vancouver, British Colombia for a special press day on the set of the USA Network's Fairly Legal.  In my line of work I tend to travel a lot and my skin really takes a beating. Being on an airplane hits me the worst so I make sure to arm myself with some moisturizing products to help me make it through my trip.

I was sent Clinique's "Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator" for review and I knew immediately this was a product I wanted to try out during one of my trips.  

I must preface this conversation by saying I have a love/hate relationship with many face creams.I realize I need moisture but if I'm going to be left looking shiny then I rather not wear any at all. Which is SO bad for my skin but luckily this pretty, pink pot ended up being the perfect product!  

It's very light when you put it on, delivers the perfect balance of cool hydration without leaving you a sleek mess.  

The next product I can't live without is Vaseline's "Lip Therapy". To begin with, it looks like a tiny pot of the classic Vaseline product I've been indulging in for decades.  This travels in any bag or pocket very easily which is definitely a plus.

Plus, it gives me a subtle shine for those days I'm not not ready to commit to a lip gloss or lipstick.

Finally, my new fave in both my travel bag and shower is "Fabulous Foaming Face Wash from Bliss".  This came in a gift bag when I attended an event at my local Bliss located at The W Hotel on South Beach.  It's like a gel but also has these magical exfoliating beads that are perfect for everyday use.

I set the standard pretty high when I travel since it requires a lot out of a products, so its great to test our review samples during this time.  These three definitely earned gold stars from me and will find themselves in heavy rotation when I'm back home in Miami.

What are some of your favorite products to travel with?


  1. Wow sounds nice! I have been looking for some quality face products/hydrating products for a while so this is good to know... I have used Clinique in the past and loved it! TY for sharing!

  2. This specific cream from Clinique is fantastic! Highly recommended if you need moisture.