Hispanicize 2013: 10 Tips To Maximize Your Experience

It's hard to believe but it has already been a year since I attended Hispanicize. It was my first ever industry conference and I had the pleasure to not only attend but also speak during the entertainment panel and moderate during the fashion/beauty panel in 2012.

For those of you who have yet to attend, you have until Thursday to sign up via the web. So if you are  a Latino trendsetters, newsmakers in social media, journalism, marketing, film, music or innovation, you don't want to miss all the new elements that have been added for 2013.

My favorite thing about Hispanicize is that you get to meet face-to-face with many of the people you've been interacting with through social media. One of the friendships that I made at last year's conference was with Amanda a.k.a La Roja from Las Gringas Blog. Not only does she have one of my favorite blogs but she is also super fun to hang out with! (I don't even mind all the Pitbull talk and the repetitive use of the word "Dale"anymore! )

We both learned a lot about the conference (the hard way!) and we wanted to pass on that knowledge to all of you joining us this year. So whether you are returning or coming to Hispanicize for the first time, we think you will enjoy our little video. Share it with all your amigas/amigos and via social media so that everyone is prepared!

If you see us at the Eden Roc, make sure you say hello! For those of you who won't be in town, you can follow us via Twitter @SocialRosy and @LasGringasBlog.

*BONUS INSIDER TIP* We just heard there is going to be a FABULOUS all-white pool party taking place during the conference. So when you are planning your maletas, bring some pretty spring whites for the fiesta! You're welcome!


  1. I'm ignoring #3. I was fine last year, I'll be fine again. Watch out TROUBLE IS COMING!!!! Dale! Hehehe

  2. Hey you- you also met me and Los Tweens!!!! It's been a crazy friendship ever since!! LOL- can't wait to see you chicas and great job!

  3. Thank you all for the great comments! We had so much fun making this little video. And yes!! Of course I met you Cristy and your gorgeous twins!! We need to go walking!!