"Nuance" By Salma Hayek Launches Summer Collection

Kristin, Dee & I at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
When I first heard that Salma Hayek was launching her own beauty line I was beyond elated. As a huge fan of the Savages actress I couldn't wait to see what she was releasing. The products, available exclusively through CVS, were high quality and at prices that everyone could afford. It's good to know that just because Salma is a big star and can afford to buy the most expensive beauty products in existence, she kept us, the regular consumer in mind. 

I was lucky enough to tell her as much when I met her during the press junket for the Puss in Boots film. I wore my favorite shade of her Nuance by Salma Hayek lipstick (Dusty Rose) for the occasion and she couldn't tell me enough how much she loved it on me!

You can see the lipstick in my right hand!
So when CVS hit me up a few weeks ago to invite me to "Indulge in a Day of Beauty" at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel how could I say no?! Known as one of the top spas in Miami, I had always wanted to spend the day at the Mandarin. There was a few elements that made this event one of my favorites: 

  1. nearly every single one of my friends and fellow media mavens were in the house. 
  2. I was able to receive the spas top treatments while sampling the hottest products for summer from "Nuance".

For any of you considering a massage you need to go to the Mandarin. I have never really had a full-on massage before because I have a pretty ticklish back but I went for it. OMG. I had their Renew Radiance Massage which is a "deep therapeutic full body massage" that was performed using "Nuance" by Salma Hayek's Jojoba Dual Phase Body Oil. It has shea butter, macademia seed oil and honey that conditions the skin. Did I already say OMG?!

The combination of the delicious product and the masseuse's magical fingers almost put me into a heavenly sleep. My back has never felt more relaxed and moisturized. Oh and, OMG. (yeah it was that good!)

We also got to take home a fab goody bag. My favorite products so far are the Sea Salt Spray which gives you sexy beach hair without the sand, the gel cleanser which now lives permanently in my shower, and the foundation that is the perfect shade for me. Salma: you should change the name to Rosy, just a thought.

Big thank you's go out to CVS Pharmacy for having this amazing event, "Nuance" by Salma Hayek for all the amazing product, and the friendly staff at the Mandarin Oriental Spa. Here are some more great photos of the event! 

Lisa from LisaTakesMiami.com and Dee from HauteFrugalista.com (L), Kristin from LivinginColorPrint.com (C) & my toes!
Denisse from AhorrosParaMama.com, Lynn & Linda from WebCityGirls.com (L) Kristin & I on the right


  1. You girls look like you were having a blast :)

  2. It was great to see you there!!! That is soooooooo cool that you got a chance to meet Salma before. You are awesome!