Surprise: I'm In A National Coca-Cola Commercial!

I can't explain how excited I was to discover that I am in a national commercial for Coca-Cola! Last week, a friend of mine asked me if I was in one because his friend has noticed me and I laughed it off and said, sadly I wasn't. Then over the long Memorial Day Weekend, three more people had spotted me so it had to be true!

During Hispanicize 2013, Coca-Cola debuted the "Adelante Movement." This amazing partnership brought legends Rita Moreno and Charo for an open dialogue with the Hispanic community set to unite us economically, politically, and socially. They also had a fun booth where the amazing music (and cute dancers) brought people to a dance floor to party! Obviously that is how I got sucked in. The image above from the commercial was taken while I was dancing it up, hence the huge smile on my face. I really had zero idea that this was going to be used in a national commercial!

This announcement is about more than just self promotion (though I am honored and excited to have been selected!), but to introduce the Adelante Movement to all my readers no matter what nationality you are.

Big thank you to everyone at Coca Cola and Hispanicize for making my dream come true!