MBFW Swim: Ford Suite and Style Lounge

Rosy hits the Ford Beauty Suite!

It's been two days since the official closing party for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim took place and I'm still catching up on my work, sleep, and just about everything else. I wanted to kick-off Fashion Week with something relaxing, so I headed to the Ford Lounge at SoHo Beach House on Thursday. 

Hosted by fabulous Miami chica, Maria Arguello, the suite was set-up with hair, make-up, and manicure stations. There was even someone giving foot rubs!! I'm so sad I missed out on that gem, I heard she was AMAZING!  With all the love and attention I got, I have zero room to complain about missing out on one thing.

Since I had my hair SUPER teased for Premios Juventud on Wednesday, my poor hairdresser Eduardo had a hot mess to brush through. AND since I had arrived with wet hair (I got home at 4am and washed my hair super late, don't judge me!), he had to blow dry my hair causing the power to go out a few times. This wasn't his fault at all of course. I have  super thick hair and lots of it. He set-me up with a cute braid on either side of my temples that linked together in the back.

Next I visited with Naomi Gonzalez, who is officially one of my favorite nail divas ever! She hooked me up with the perfect summer mani using a coral color from Zoya. I was having so much fun chatting her up that I forgot to look up the shade. *insert sad face* I was so stoked though that I was finally able to tryout one of their Pixie polishes! I absolutely loved how she used it as an accent.

My final visit was with Ethian Hugo, who turned me into the glamorous Miami girl I knew was living inside me. Lord knows he tried to teach me some of his techniques but they were WAY over my head. I think I will just have to move into his house and become his super BFF so he can work his magic on me everyday. 

Dare to dream right?! 

Even though I wasn't able to take any of the talented Ford Artists with me, (trust me I tried), I did get a fab gift bag with goodies from Zoya, MAC, Fake Bake, and Schick. Oh, and all their business cards so that I can call them up before my next big event.

More photos of the Ford Beauty Lounge below:

Gorgeous Zoya Nail Products
Swimsuits by Saffron + Sommer
Make-Up Touch Up & Me in the Background Tweeting!
Peroni Beer
MAC Cosmetics
Our view from the Suite. Isn't my city breathtaking?

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