Love Being Latina?

Proud Latina beauties come in all colors of the rainbow

Growing up, I was obsessed with magazines. I was addicted with seeing how Cindy Crawford, Nikki Taylor, and Linda Evangelista would pose for the camera wearing the hottest fashion looks of the season. Aside from having Cindy's trademark mole, I always thought she was the model whose skin color was nearest to mine. So she ended up being the one I would emulate when it came time to do my make-up.

This took me on a journey of many makeup mistakes because quite frankly, our skin tone's were totally different. As the 90's progressed, the first issue of Latina Magazine hit the stands and I remember how excited I was to FINALLY see women who REALLY looked like me! At this time many beauty brands like Bobbi Brown, who started making a variety of shades for women of all colors, popped up into the market. This allowed me to find foundation that didn't leave me with a chalky, unnatural look. All of a sudden my face looked flawless!

Beauty products have come a very long way since then, and today there are many products available targeting the Hispanic market. Don't get me wrong-- I'm a strong supporter of less-is-more. But now there are creams, hair products, and makeup available that help enhance our natural beauty. 

Here are some of my favorite tips:

-- Using bronzer to contour your face. As Latinas, we have a rich history from many different countries and bronzer can help highlight those areas of your face that you love. My mother is Peruvian and I was lucky enough to inherit high cheekbones. I use bronzer in key locations to help enhance this!

-- Hit the streets sans make-up! Don't be afraid to show the world how beautiful you are without any extra help. Wait....let me change my statement. If you're going out into the world, please use sunscreen! It's been a long-thought misconception that women who are darker don't need sun protection which is why there is a growing number of us being diagnosed with melanoma. Use sunblock with an minimum SPF of 30 and then you are free to show your bare face to the world!

-- Avoid looking puffy during allergy season by using Zyrtec. No matter how much makeup you lather on, you won't be able to hide an allergy face. 

My amiga Carmen from has further tips to help combat Allergy Face. Check out her tips below:

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