Taking A Miami Cafecito Break For Premios Tu Mundo

Cafecito Time at American Airlines Arena

Here in Miami we have two things that we take super serious: sunshine and coffee. So it was perfect that Telemundo hosted a Cafecito Break with some of their most popular stars ahead of Premios Tu Mundo last week. You will recognize my girl Dee from HauteFrugalista.com and I posing with hotties including Rafael Amaya, David Choccaro, Christian Acosta and Mala Suerte from the Allstate commercials! I was surprised at how dapper and funny he was. After he meets you he wishes you "Buena Suerte" which means "Good Luck" in Spanish. 

The gorgeous woman in the blue dress is Cynthia Olavarria who took home the "Mejor Actriz de Reparto" award that night. She was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet and I loved being able to get to know her better. 

Rafael Amaya, who served as host alongside Gaby Espino last year, took home the El Mero Mero Award. As much as I love Jencarlos Canela I feel like Rafael was robbed of the Best Protagonist Award. Sorry Jencarlos, but after hanging out with the 6'2" Mexican hottie over cafecito has changed my loyalties!

Even Mala Suerte got in on the award show action by handing out the "Mejor Momento de la Mala Suerte" award to the cast of "La Patrona". 

Big thank you to Allstate and L'Oreal Paris for hooking us up!

Here is a snap of me and my girls at the show:

Gaby, Dee, Rosy, and Ingrid


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