Love Letter to London

Rosy visiting Big Ben
I left in a pretty big rush, but for the last couple of weeks I headed off to England to celebrate my sister-in-law's wedding. I've just come back with renewed feelings of how much I'd love to live in London even for a year!

I had a lot of fun hitting up various beauty shops like Boots, Super Drug, TopShop, Selfridges, and a few others to see what products our amigas across the pond are loving. In the process, I managed to find time do the following:
  • Fall in love with shoes.......lots of shoes
  • Learn you can buy cute clothes at a supermarket. Have you seen the new Tesco F&F Clothing Range ads featuring Spanish hottie Jon Kortajarena?! 
  • Nearly set a house on fire. When traveling abroad, know that just because you bought a travel adapter doesn't mean you won't have a power conflict. With that said, I'm currently shopping for a new hair iron.
  • Burn my foot about an hour before a wedding. (See comment above regarding hair iron)
  • Discover new British television shows to watch including Jack Whitehall's Bad Education.
  • Shop alongside local fashionistas who are all about color, fit, and attitude. 
  • Take the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour (Expect lots and lots of photos!)
  • Re-visit popular sites and discover new ones
  • Replaced "Happy Hour" with Pimms O'Clock
Stay tuned for a haul video, reviews, and images. I can't wait to go back to London ASAP


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