Travel Time: Top Five Tips For A Better Experience

For the last month and a half or so I've been doing a lot of traveling. As I go along I've noticed how many things I could be doing to make my life easier-- and healthier-- if only I prepared a little. With many of you in various stages of planning your holiday travel, I thought I could help you out with what I've learned.

Here is a list of tips, and the items I can't live without:

Top Five Tips For a Better Experience:

My favorite travel bag is the Danielle from Tess Handbags. This is the perfect size to fit everything on this list and more. $200

1. A variety of fruits from your local grocer or garden
2. The Runway collapsable water bottle from Vapur $7.99
3. Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Surge Protector $10.18 at Amazon
4. Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturizer $37 for 1.7 ounce
5. Cocoon Grid-It Price Varies by Size

1. If you don't mind eating greasy airport food or paying top dollar to eat healthier then skip this tip. But if you'd like to have better options, you need to think ahead. You can slice up some apples, peaches, hull strawberries, or prepare your favorite combination of fruit in a ziplock bag. A small portion of fruit, which is mostly melon (my least favorite), is about $4.00 at the airport. For the same price or less you can prepare the combination you prefer in any amount. Nuts make a great snack too! Purchase ahead to get the most bang for your buck.

2. You may not be allowed to bring water through security but you certainly can bring an empty water bottle in your purse. As soon as you clear security, you can head over to the restroom area where just outside you can find a water fountain. Some airports, like New York's LaGuardia, has personal water filling stations! Fill er a huge savings to you. Bonus: it keeps your skin and body hydrated.

3. One of the most popular spots where travelers congregate is at the phone charging stations. With all the gadgets we carry around these days, it's imperative to keep them juiced up. You have no idea how many times I've walked up and all the slots are full. So I keep the Belkin 3 Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger handy and ask someone already plugged in to share! Since this handy adapter can accommodate up to three standard plugs and two usb cables, I've never had anyone say no. Bonus: A Dual USB port also works great. You can find them for under $10 at most drugstores. 

4. Carry ultra hydrating face and body cream. The air inside an airplane is dry and sucks the moisture out of your skin. I've put cream on both my body and face before a flight, but it doesn't take very long before I feel it all slip away into space. Apply as often as you need, just remember to keep the package size under 3 ounces. Bonus: bring your favorite moisturizing lip balm for super smooth lips.

5. Invest in a Cocoon Grid-It. Whether you carry around a lot of electronics like me, or you have a lot of things going into your purse, this is your must-have accessory. I purchased the 11" Grid-It with the built-in tablet slot for my iPad mini and every time I take it out at the airport, I get asked about it. I put my camera, iPhone, spare phone battery pack, my audio recorder, batteries, and all their respective charging cables. You can easily fit pens, paper, passport, or anything you'd like in its weave of rubber elastic straps. They also make them in bigger sizes to fit laptops or smaller sizes for just the grid system. TIP: I've been made to pull this out of my bag during the security check point. Do yourself a favor and put it in a bin with your handbag to save time in case they decide to scan it.

What are some of your favorite tips for travel? I'm always looking to make my life easier, so sound off in the comments below.


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