Fall Bag Must Have: Dooney and Bourke Clayton Satchel

Dooney and Bourke Clayton Satchel in Miami Beach
As someone who lives in Miami, I don't get to enjoy much of fall fashion. Sweaters, scarves, and coats are pieces I invest in for when I travel, but handbags are the one thing that I get to splurge on no matter the temperature. 

As part of the BAZAAR Style Ambassador program, Dooney and Bourke sent me their Clayton Satchel ($428.00) in shade Natural. Not only is the color the perfect neutral, but the space inside the handbag is just the right size for all the things I need to carry on a daily basis. Next to the beauty of the leather and craftsmanship that went into creating this beauty, my favorite feature of the bag is all the pockets. 

The Clayton Satchel Pocket Hall of Fame:
  • One inside zip pocket
  • Two Inside pockets
  • Cell phone pocket 
  • Four outside pockets
  • One outside zip pocket
This makes the Clayton Satchel not only the perfect bag for fall, but the perfect bag for a busy woman/mom on-the-go, the constant traveler, a student, an executive, and the list can go on and on. You could pair it with just about any outfit from a work suit with either pants or skirt, jeans and a t-shirt, maxi dress, and even a pair of nice long dressy shorts with a structured top. Even though it's a serious bag, you can't help but see Clayton's fun and girly side with those fringed tassels decorating the zippers.

The first time I ever saw Dooney and Bourke handbags was in high school. Only the coolest most fashionable girls had them and I remember making myself a promise that one day I'd have one too. Today, many of the most coveted from my collection are from Dooney and Bourke. The Clayton is a timeless piece that will last you forever and one that will never lose its classic charm and sweet presence.

Check out all the things I currently have my satchel:

Mind you, you can't see all the stuff in a few of the pockets but I have a medium size notebook and pen, an iPad mini with keyboard in a case, my camera, wallet, Ray Ban sunglasses and Dolce and Gabbana reading glasses, my audio recorder, plugs and cables for various gadgets, a battery backup for USB devices, and makeup for touch ups. 

The Clayton comes in thirteen different colors including a delicious shade of orange and a sexy red. To learn more about the Dooney and Bourke Clayton Satchel or to purchase, click here


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