Jessica Alba and Sarah Michelle Gellar: Tutu Cute Girls

Sarah Michelle Geller & Charlotte Prinze (L) Jessica Alba & Honor Warren (R) (Photos: Wunway)
After getting over the initial shock over how fast time flies, I can't help but smile seeing how sweet Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba look with their daughters! I remember clearly when Sarah was pregnant with Charlotte in 2009 and Jessica with Honor in 2008 and in no time, they've grown into such beautiful girls.

Charlotte and Honor are proving to be young fashionistas at ages 4 and 5 respectively, both showing their unique styles when out with their famous moms. While each was photographed wearing Izzabella skirts ($52.00) from Wunway, I love how different the looks are. And while I'm sure their moms helped put together the ensembles, I bet the girls share plenty of input into what they like wearing. I reckon these two should have a shopping play date in the near future!

Other celebrity moms who shop Wunway include Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry. You can check out their beautiful clothing for girls ages 1-8, via this link to their website.

Do any of you have young daughters? How old are they and do they give you input into their outfits?


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