Rashida Jones Hair Secrets Revealed

Rashida Jones (Photo: NBC)
As we get further into the fall and get ready to welcome winter, it's the perfect time to switch up your beauty routine, products, and even give your hair a break from the overuse of damaging products like hairdryers and irons.

Celebrity hair stylist Terrie Velazquez Owen shares her hair secrets that she uses on actress Rashida Jones on the NBC hit comedy, "Parks & Recreation." By using organic hair oils made by Balanced Guru and rollers, Terrie is able to add body and shine to Rashida's naturally fine, limp hair.

"First I start with hair that naturally air dries, we prefer this to pulling on wet hair with a brush and blow drying," Terrie said. "Years of the blow dryer really wrecks havoc on one's hair, so on Rashida's delicate and fine hair I avoid that step. I then use Balanced Guru's No Frizz Organic Sesame & Lemongrass Balancing Oil ($25.00), a few drops on just the ends, then comb through. I then wrap her hair around extra large heated rollers and let it set for 10 minutes. Longer if she is sitting in makeup (Hot rollers work best on shoulder length or longer hair). Afterwards, I take the hot rollers out and brush through with a large soft natural brush."

All hair types can benefit from using the No Frizz Oil from Balanced Guru. It will help you balance frizzy hair without weighing it down with silicones. If you already have curly hair or are happy keeping your hair straight, skip the hot rollers!

Jones announced her latest collaboration with DanniJo.com a fine jewelry line. The collection will include 18 pieces made of 10-karat-gold and 14-karat-rose-gold items featuring arrows, palm trees, and unicorns.


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