Kate Moss Goes Nudist for Stuart Weitzman

Kate Moss for Stuart Weitzman (Photo: Mario Testino)

From someone who spends an awful lot of time wearing very little, I'm surprised supermodel Kate Moss is so covered up in her newest ad! Shot by famed photographer Mario Testino, the 39-year-old Brit wore a unitard in the black and white shot promoting Stuart Weitzman's Nudist heels. Having recently shot the cover for Playboy's 60th anniversary in something similar, I'm not surprised they kept it just as classic.

Speaking of classic, lets talk about the shoes! As someone who isn't rolling in dough, these are a pair of strappy heels that I'd invest in. With a price point of $395, it's attainable and with proper care, can be part of your shoe collection for many years.

“This shoe, you can’t put it on with a dowdy outfit," Weitzman told PEOPLE in an interview. "It’s for events and a dress. But there is nothing cooler than a gorgeous girl in tight jeans wearing a sandal like that.”

The Nudist is currently available in black and nude, but keep your eyes peeled for more colors in the near future! How many of you would love to unwrap these on Christmas?


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