I Have Acne....and Other Things I Learned From Neutrogena

Me at the 2014 Neutrogena Skin Care Summit (Photo: Neutrogena)

I've just come back from a trip to the west coast where I visited the Neutrogena Headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California for the 2014 Skin Health Summit. I was honored recently with an invitation to become a Neutrogena Ambassador, one of fifteen Latinas from across the United States, to represent a brand that I've trusted and supported for many years. It was amazing to come together and meet so many amazing ladies who were a mix of journalists, bloggers, and YouTube stars from various backgrounds. 

Although I get to visit California on so many occasions, I had never been to Manhattan Beach. Upon our arrival to The Shades Hotel (1221 N. Valley Drive) I instantly knew why Neutrogena calls this city home. The weather is pretty much perfect, there was a wide variety of great restaurants to dine at, and the short walk to the beach was definitely a plus. 

On our first day, we had a lovely lunch waiting for us at headquarters with a surprise celebrity hosting a chat: Kristen Bell! What a treat it was to listen to and meet a devoted mom, actress, and environmental warrior. Kristen joined the Neutrogena team in 2011 as their Naturals Ambassador and has since collaborated with The Nature Conservancy in support of a campaign to conserve freshwater.

After our meal, we met with Miami dermatologist Dr. Janelle Vega, who gave us tips on exfoliating and taking care of our skin. My favorite experience with Dr. Vega took place the next day when I was photographed by a machine that would eventually shock me with the results! I've had great skin for pretty much most of my life. So when I was told that the photographs would tell me whether I had acne or not, I was certain the images would show that I had zero.

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Yikes! I look like I've been decapitated...lol
You may not be able to tell from the image above, but I have acne that lives underneath the top layer of skin that I can't see in the mirror everyday. My T-zone was full of acne and I was totally blown away by this discovery! Dr. Vega "prescribed" Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash for the morning and Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser for nighttime use. I've been doing this religiously so I hope to have a second date with that machine and see if my new beauty regimen is working!

Last year, I met the fabulous celebrity makeup artist Elizabeth Ulloa so I was extra excited to see her again during the Skin Health Summit. She talked to us about all the newest products from the brand before we sat with other talented artists who did our makeup. I love how dewy and natural my result was! 

As all good things have to come to an end, with champagne and cupcakes we toasted with our new friends and pros and took tons of fun photos at a Photo Booth. Stay tuned for a fabulous giveaway and a breakdown of all the products I used during my trip. 

P.S. If you're ever in Manhattan Beach, I can't recommend The Shades Hotel enough! Each room is like your own personal spa with a huge tub for relaxing and a ton of other amenities.

If you fancy some Italian food while in town, check out Mangiamo Ristorante & Bar (128 Manhattan Beach Blvd). My friend Katherine from LosTweens.com and I had dinner there on our last night. You must try the Frutti di Mare if you fancy seafood with your pasta.

Here are some more images from the event:
Claudia Felix-Garay (The Penny Closet), Dr. Vega, Rosy, Monique (BlogbyLatinas), Andriana Olivares (La Moda by Andriana Olivares)

Do you see yourself here?
Hearing about all the newest Neutrogena Cosmetics
Dr. Janelle Vega and Elizabeth Ulloa

Katherine, Krystal & Rosy cheering a fab time


  1. It was a great time! Thanks for joining us... it was a pleasure having you :-)

    1. I had such an amazing time! Yes, the products and company are amazing--- but the powerful group of women I was surrounded by was THE best. THANK YOU!