To All The Single Ladies

In order to read this post, you need to sing the lyrics to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." You KNOW you know the lyrics to that song because it mostly consists of the same sentence over and over. Trust me, I'm not really a fan of this tune outside of a dark nightclub at 3am after my umpteenth rum and (diet) coke. But in order to experience the energy pouring through my fingers at this very moment, it's required.

Now that we're done with that part, have you noticed that everyone is breaking up this year? I'm not sure if it's something in the cosmos but a lot of my friends are experiencing 2014 as single ladies. What does this mean? It means that you should know how to operate a power tool other than your Clarisonic. It means that you have no excuse for letting your leg hair grow out like Big Foot because you have a lot more "me" time to pamper yourself.

I read an article today about this woman who, after many years, still cries over her ex. I don't want to make fun of her because it seems like a lot of what she said was in jest. But the fact that she was afraid that she would never fall in love as deeply as she had with her former husband made me sad. I'm no expert on the topic of love but I feel like no two will ever be alike and that's a good thing. 

I know what it's like to feel needy, helpless, and determined to make a relationship work. But at some point, you need to let this go and move on! In all fairness, I don't know the authors full story but what she does mention kind of bothers me: 1. Sometimes I think I will never fall in love again 2. Sometimes I think the one chance I had for love ended when that relationship ended in 2005.

I want to hug this woman. I understand so many of the feelings she is having but it's 2014 and it's time to mourn the death of that relationship and move on. If you forever compare every new guy you meet to your ex, you will never be happy. Take your time, heal your heart, your soul, but MOVE ON! She is doing herself a disservice because, as she mentions in her story, her ex has a new girlfriend. 

I'm not even sure why I'm ranting right now but I guess the main point I'm trying to make is love yourself before you try to love someone else. You deserve to be happy and you will be, but you have to welcome it. Being afraid is normal, but don't let it consume you.

Now put on "Drunk in Love" and have some fun. 


  1. I think you really oversimplified a very brave and honest piece.

    1. I totally agree it was brave and honest. I commend her for being able to open up about something so personal. I just want her to know she can be happy and find love again. She deserves it.