Exclusive: Jinna Yang Talks "House of DVF," Jersey Boys, and Kier

Jinna Yang \\ House of DVF
Photo Courtesy of Jinna Yang
Sunday nights are so jam-packed, I didn't think I'd be able to find the time to take on a new TV show. Then I saw this advertisement for an upcoming reality competition series entitled, "House of DVF" and I knew it would be a must-watch.

As the third episode is set to air tonight on E! at 10pm, I had a feeling viewers would want to know more about the contestants. I reached out to my favorite,  Jinna Yang this week, to learn more about her experience on the show, her issue with Jersey boys, and who she think Diane Von Furstenberg will hire.

Why do you think you’d be the perfect brand ambassador for DVF? 

The brand is about positivity, sisterhood and I think I have the qualities that Diane is looking for to continue just that - inspiring women around the world to be confident, and that no matter where you're from, you are capable of achieving your dreams.

You mentioned DVF herself was an intimidating presence. What was it like being around her during shooting? (What the cameras did and did not see) 

I was often conflicted because one one hand - here is a woman who seems so loving and affectionate at times, and on the other hand - the businesswoman who we are technically trying to impress and remain professional around. She was always poised and extremely busy so it's difficult to get one on one time with her to allow her to get to know you on a personal level. As expected, the contestants all have big personalities.

I loved the scene last week showing you and Tiffani grabbing drinks. Have you maintained any of the friendships since shooting wrapped? 

Absolutely - we talk to each other all the time whether it's through group text, Twitter, Facebook or everyone's favorite - Instagram. Through the up's and down's we all know that this experience has bonded us and we hope to uplift one another and always want the best for each other at the end of the day.

Speaking of that scene, you turned away a hottie because he’s from NJ! What’s wrong with Jersey boys? 

Ha! Sometimes I just like to have a little fun. It's ironic though because I'm actually dating a boy from New Jersey now. :)

Kier. She’s obviously there to win but is not a favorite amongst viewers or the cast. Is she just being portrayed as the baddie because every show needs one or was it really that bad in real life? 

Kier is who she is - and she doesn't apologize for it. But she is absolutely that way in real life.

With all the fighting going on between the contestants, did it make things more difficult for you when trying to complete challenges? 

It was the worst. It's not professional, especially during business hours. I hate people who are passive aggressive. I also think it's a bit naive when people don't know when to let certain things go. There's a way to approach people and there's a time and place to do it. I felt like I was babysitting at times, and it distracted me from trying to do what I came there to do - put in work.

If you do not win, who do you think deserves to the most? I don't think this is a question of who deserves it most. 

This is a question of who Diane wants. Plain and simple.

When you’re not competing on fabulous reality shows, what do you do? How can we follow you? 

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Here's a preview of tonight's episode:


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