Hello November: 7 Goals For a Great Month

With the swift and chilly arrival of November, there are a few things you should add to your to-do list this month to ensure you get started on the right foot. By making these small changes, you'll notice improvements not just to yourself, but also your home.

November: 10 Things to Make it a great month

Can you believe it's November already? I feel like the year only just got started and now we're gearing up for the holidays! I woke up this morning to 60 degree weather, which may not seem like a chilly day to most, but here in Miami this is as close to winter as we'll probably get.

I wanted to start setting up some goals for the month and I thought some of you might benefit from doing the same. Here's the list of seven things I'll be working on:

1. Clean/Update Your Bedding- Sleep is important to your physical and mental health. In the United States, 40% of people are getting less sleep than recommended. This is why I feel it's so important to ensure your bedding is always clean and welcoming. I clean my sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover every week. My duvet has a date with the washing machine at least twice a month. 

TIP: Since it's become colder across the country, wash all your warmer bedding that you've had stored away. I use Gain Scent Boosters in my laundry because it keeps everything smelling nice longer.

Looking for an update? You don't have to spend a lot to improve your bed game. I recently bought this colorful duvet cover set from Ikea for $20. During a recent trip to Target, I discovered Febreze's new line called, "Sleep Serenity." I use the "Bedding Refresher" between washes. Make sure you don't forget your pillows! I'm obsessed with Le Couvent des Minimes "Good Night Pillow Mist."

TIP: To add a bit of drama, you could hang twinkle lights on your headboard. (Photo in collage below)

2. Get Your Face Ready for Changes- Oh fall/winter, you dry my skin out so bad! I've been using the Clarisonic Sonice Radiance Brightening Solution set as I bid farewell to the summer and all the dark spots the sun gifted me this year. 

Update your products according to your skin type as well. Using the Clarisonic will help your face absorb products much better with regular use. 

TIP: Both Neutrogena and Olay have great pore refining products out there you should try ASAP.

3. Up Your Fitness Game- I don't know about you, but as soon as there is a chill in the air, I want to permanently live under the blanket. Laziness levels increase the colder the temperatures are--- am I right? There are a lot of exercises you can do at home but fall is a great time to spend more time outdoors running or enjoying a bike ride.

Looking for ideas? Make sure you follow my "Get Fit" board on Pinterest! *shameless plug* If you have a smart phone, who doesn't these days (?), I use the 5k Run app that keeps me motivated and encouraged to follow a program. 

If you have money to invest, consider spending it on a bike. I've had my eye on this pretty yellow beach cruiser for some time now.

TIP: Whether you work out often or are just getting back into a routine, you can always benefit from a new sports bra.

4. Start a Diary, the Old School Way- Don't you ever crave using pen and paper like back in the old days? Batteries die and with all the cloud theft going on, I rather stick to keeping things simple. Dust off your old Polaroid (or buy a cute new one), and tape them to a page with a quick message. Instagram is super fun, but I'm excited to keep a more personal record of the new year.

5. Change Up Your Netflix Queue- I hate hearing anyone say they can't find anything to watch on TV. I did a post a few months ago about some fun romantic comedies I like, if you want suggestions click here. New titles to keep your eye on in November include "La Bare" with hottie Joe Manganiello, "The One I Love" with Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass, "Hercules" with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and "22 Jump Street" with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

6. Plan a Vacation- As someone who suffers daily from wanderlust, I'm always on the lookout for travel deals. If you need an escape sooner rather than later, it's a great time to take a cruise. I just visited Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico on the Caribbean Princess from Princess Cruises. I have some posts coming up about my experience so keep your eyes peeled. 

TIP: Great spots to search are Travel Zoo, Airfare Watchdog, and these two blog posts are great: Kiplinger and The Blond Abroad.

7. Catch Up on Some Reading- I'm a technology obsessed individual that spends a lot of time reading and researching on the internet. But sometimes, I just feel like grabbing an old school book to sit on my patio and read.

Last week, I attended Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend (more on that coming soon) and I discovered Iyanla Vanzant. I've already bought two of her books and can't wait to learn more from her. 

TIP: Looking for a new author? Ask your friends on social media or join Goodreads. (It's free!)

Do you guys have any goals or priorities you set up every month?

November Goals


  1. Very interesting story. I didn't find it boring to read. In fact, I really had a fun reading your post. Thanks.


  2. #1 & #4! All the way. Love these tips!

  3. what a great review from you...
    very inspirational and amazing ..

  4. Revenian SerenalexiaNovember 4, 2014 at 8:14 PM

    Thanks for sharing! I think I need this bedding ideas because I'm always lacking my sleep time.. ~GIG
    Alfia Widati - Fiarevenian | The Glam Flame of Fiarevenian's Passion Invasion

  5. You are right as winter approaches we tend to become lazy, we should try to get out and enjoy the weather :) GIG


  6. I'm obsessed with adding books on goodreads. Now to only find the time to read them all... hahaha. I loved all your advice in this post! Keep it up! xoxo giglove

  7. November is my birthday month.. Gonna go for 2-week trip starting tomorrow!!! Hooray~~~ giglove

  8. not every month, no... but by the end of this month I want to be done with all Christmas gifts :-)
    Wish me luck!

  9. I can't get a vacation this month, cause I have mid term exam ^_^

  10. I love all the goals and tips! At the moment, I'm working on #6. :)

  11. I wanna do 3,4,6 and 7. Especially number 6 but I'm too busy. OTL Maybe I'll get some vacation before Christmas.

  12. I agree with neutrogena! Their pore refining toner is really a good product!

  13. Caity @ Moi Contre La VieNovember 9, 2014 at 8:14 PM

    Such great ideas! I love your list, I'm going to need to make my own November list! <3 GIGLove

  14. Love tip 4 and 6 =) I need to make a list for myself too!!

  15. Love your goals. They are so similar to mine :) GIG love :)

  16. Number 1 2 3 are actually mine too! XD Nice post ^^


  17. I need to do number 1 as well as change up my Netflix queue and catch up on reading.

  18. yo tengo que lavar mis bed sheets every week, i love that feeling when you jump into bed and the sheets are all clean n crisp! i have loved keeping a journal since forever, the other day lei los de high school...oh girl, h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! te mando un fuerte abrazo Rosy! xo

  19. 3-7 are mine as well! Wish to plan for a vacation but I'm too broke :(

  20. love these tips , all great resolutions - lately i barely have time to read carolinefashionstyling.com

  21. Love Love this post. Such a perfect checklist for the season.....GIGLove

  22. some great goals! fitness is my one too, slowly getting there haha