Princess Cruises: Take a Break, See the World

Taking a Princess Cruise is all about seeing the world though a customized experience at a great price. Last month they invited me and a friend to try out their Western Caribbean route, and what I discovered has me addicted to cruising.

Princess Cruises Western Caribbean
Countless Photo Opportunities (Photo: Logan Fazio)

My good friend and photojournalist Logan Fazio had never been on a cruise before. So when I was invited to hop on board the Caribbean Princess for five days, I knew she'd be the one I want to go with. I had only been on one myself previous to this, so I knew overall what I could expect, but I learned how different (and wonderful!) the Princess experience is.

I have to admit, my last cruise had the same itinerary as the one I recently went to but the experience was completely different. So don't be afraid to head back to familiar locations because there are so many options to check out that will make your current trip totally different from the last. 

Logan and I had two stops on our cruise: Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel. I'll be doing a series of posts documenting our trip, so keep an eye out for those. 

Why Princess?

From the moment we boarded the ship, everything from the customer service, to the food, the drinks, and amenities, was spectacular. Did I mention the food?! Wow, the food needs, and will have a post  of its own. 

Thanks to their 40 years at sea, Princess Cruises love meeting vacationers, both who have cruised before or are first timers, to ensure they have the ultimate experience. So whether you decide to stay onboard or check out the amazing destinations, you need only ask for tips on maximizing your vacation time.

So later this month when you're planning on shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don't waste money on things that are disposable. Check out for cruise deals where you'll have an experience you can keep with you for the rest of your life. Princess Cruises has ships that travel ALL OVER THE WORLD! Sorry for yelling but that makes me extremely excited. Click here to see their destinations.

On our first day at sea, Logan and I were inspired to check out the ship and have an impromptu photo shoot. Check out the results below:

Catch up on good books like this one by Charlaine Harris in the library (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Classic Port Holes and Funky Wall Tiles make for a great backdrop (Photo: Rosy Cordero)
When making new friends, keep your bartender in mind (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Relax and get some rays from your balcony. Don't forget SPF! (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Outfit change for poolside cone? Why not? (Photo: Rosy Cordero)
***This is a sponsored post with Princess Cruises. All thoughts and compliments are my own***


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