5 Tips for Dining Guilt Free on a Cruise

Enjoying the delights of unlimited delicious food is a great reason to take a cruise. Even though there are plenty of options included as part of your package, there are other options you won't want to miss out on.

If you're getting ready to go on a cruise, or are considering booking one, there are a few tips to keep in mind ahead of departure. During a recent Princess Cruise (Click here to read more about my 5-day cruise), I was greeted with an abundance of options that tickled the fancy of the even the pickiest eater, i.e. me. The only bad thing, I wasn't prepared!

The saying, "Moderation is Key" pretty much goes out the window when you're tempted by yummy food pretty much 24 hours a day. So here are my top five tips to enjoying a guilt-free dining experience while cruising.

1. Stay Fit--- Get your workouts in before, during, and after a cruise. Whether this includes walking, going to the gym, or yoga, just make sure you're staying active. When you take the time to care for your body, you won't feel as bad when you splurge on a delicious meal.

Check out the layout of the ship ahead of your cruise so you can have a plan. The ships will no doubt have a gym onboard, but there are other ways to get some exercise in. You can walk around the ship, take an exercise class, or hit the nightclub! Look into the options available that are specific to the ship you will be sailing on.

2. Add fruits and veggies to your plate--- During my cruise, I made sure to have a plate of vegetables or a salad ahead of my meal. This helps get me full of the right ingredients before eating anything naughty. This limited me to mostly eating a slice of pizza or a hamburger, sans fries, and taking in less calories.

3. Discovery Optional Paid Dining Experiences--- When I was on the Caribbean Princess, there were a few great options to dine at restaurants for affordable prices. If there are any that you're interested in, plan ahead and make your reservations to ensure you get in. Our ship had the option to do Chef's Table that included multiple courses. I wish I had eaten less throughout the day but I didn't research what all was included ahead of time. 

If you have the chance to have this type of experience, do it! We got a tour of the galley as well as a wide variety of fabulous appetizers and drinks. The knowledge and experience you learn about from the executive chef is truly priceless. 

4. Opt for active excursions --- When deciding on what excursions you'll take when you dock, pick something that you'll enjoy and will keep your heart rate going. When my friend Logan and I went to the Cayman Islands, we did some snorkeling (see photos here) and in Cozumel we went to a cave that required hiking and swimming (see photos here).

5. Be Cool --- Enjoy your vacation and do your best. If you eat too much or don't make the best choices, don't be hard on yourself. Life is too short to not enjoy every minute of your life.

Here are some photos of our Chef's Table experience aboard the Caribbean Princess:

Chef's Table with Executive Chef Antonio Cereda (Photo: Rosy Cordero) 
Cheers from the galley (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Chef's Table appetizers (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Chef's Table Meat Tartare Appetizer  (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Chef's Table Caviar Appetizer (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Chef's Table October 2014 (Photo: Rosy Cordero)


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