When is the Best Time to Cruise?

With so many places to cruise, when is it the best time to cruise and where? Whether you're looking to tour the mediterranean, the caribbean, Alaska or Canada, we'll help you get your planning done ahead of the new year.

Enjoying the view (Photo: Logan Fazio)

After spending five days cruising with Princess Cruises to Grand Cayman and Mexico, I can't wait to plan more trips in 2015. So it's a good thing that their ships can take you to so many cool destinations all over the world. Click here to see all the destinations they visit currently.

My dream is to visit Australia and the Mediterranean, but when is the best times to go? Check out this breakdown below for a better idea:

South America
High: November to March
Low: April and October

December to April

Mexican Riviera
February to mid April

High: June to August
Low: September to January

April to October

Northern Europe
May to September

May to September

Canada/New England
May to October

South Pacific
May to October

June to August

November to March

No matter when you plan to cruise, make sure to research the good and bad points of traveling during high and low times. I went on my cruise in October, a typically riskier time to cruise due to hurricane season. We did encounter rain while in the sea, but with the talented staff steering the ship, we barely felt any movement. To compensate for the cancelled outdoor events and pool time, there are optional indoor activities available as well as time at the spa, gym, library, or a variety of hot spots that will vary depending on which ship you take.

Here are some more fun images of my cruise:

Logan Fazio enjoys the sunset (Photo: Rosy Cordero)

Enjoying a day at sea (Photo: Logan Fazio)

These cuties had full control of the ship (Photo: Rosy Cordero)

Pedicure at the spa? YASS! (Photo: Rosy Cordero)

Enjoy the views (Photo: Rosy Cordero)

Toast Champagne on Your Balcony (Photo: Logan Fazio)

Make new Friends (Photo: Princess Cruises)


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