Keds Announces Perfect Spring Partnership with EOS

Fashion and beauty come together in a fantastic collaboration between Keds and EOS. The limited edition styles are available right now via Shoe Carnaval and the prices range between $50-$55.

Keds and EOS made babies! (Photo: Keds)

When I think of Keds, it instantly takes me to my years in junior high and high school. Those days, I was a worry-free young woman who only had to ponder which pair of sneakers I'd rock to class. Even though I'm an adult now, I love that the sneaker brand of my youth is keeping with the times and making fun new styles for women of all ages to enjoy.

EOS is also a brand I've come to love so much. Their Lip Balm Spheres, which inspired the new shades of kicks, are a staple in my handbag. 
"The amount of love we got on Instagram for a combined Keds and eos™ post really kick started the collection," said Chris Lindner, president, Keds. "This is just the type of fun and fashionable surprise we love to offer. We know our girl can't live without eos™ lip balms, so we're excited to give her a new way to experience two of her favorite brands."
 The shoes, as shown in the photo above, include:
  • Champion eos Passion Fruit (purple) $50
  • Champion eos Blueberry Acai (blue) $50
  • Double Up eos Pomegranate Raspberry (pink) $55
Anyone interested can send me the pom raspberry pair! All these styles are perfect for the spring, and can be paired with fun dresses, shorts, and jeans. As a bonus, each pair of sneakers you purchase has the lip balm it was inspired by inside the box. BOOM!


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