DIY Quiceanera Hairstyles For Your Big Night

Celebrating your quinces is one of the most important moments in a Latina’s life. Gone are the days when you have to spend buckets of money in order to have a beautiful event. With the help of Pantene and their selection of high quality yet affordable products, you can achieve the hairdo of your dreams--- right now. All you need is the following four products, a hair iron and comb.

Pantene Products for your Quinces Look

Pantene Blow Dry Creme Pantene 
Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner 
Pantene Stylers Flexible Hold Hairspray 

With the help of celebrity hairstylist and Pantene spokesperson Gabriel Samra, I am able to break down how to style the perfect loose curls for your big day. I like this look because it is classic and extremely versatile. Plus it is easy to change up and transform into two other looks, a side ponytail and messy chignon should you want to change up your look easily throughout the night or want a different look all together.

I teamed up with my good friend and celebrity makeup artist Milena Gomez to help me out with this project. She has naturally long, wavy hair, but anyone can achieve this look with these tips from Gabriel.


1. Before starting your hairdo, it’s important to wash your hair so that it’s clean, soft, and manageable. I recommend Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner because it goes deep into the hair’s core to strengthen it from the inside out, making it ready for any hairstyle.

2. Once dry, part your hair in half and start working from the bottom.

3. Separate a wide section of hair and, with a curling iron, wrap the hair around the barrel toward the top. Then, turn your wrist and gently begin to release the section of hair downward. It is best done slowly rather than repeating the action two or three times in a hurry because the curls will not be well-defined.

4. This same process will be done to the rest of your hair. Remember to always use a heat-protectant, such as the Pantene Pro-V Smooth Blow Dry Crème to protect your hair from the high temperatures of the curling iron.

5. When you have reached the crown, start the process at the middle point of your hair and work your way down, to avoid marked, bulky and unmanageable curls. Repeat the same process with the hair on the other half of your crown.

6. As a final touch, run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through your curls so that the curls look more natural and do not remain stiff. To complete the style, do not forget to use a hairspray like Pantene Pro-V Stylers Flexible Hold Hairspray to give hair a natural hold and ensure the look stays in place throughout the night.

Wasn’t that easy? Gabriel's "Loose Curl" tutorial is a great base to create other looks as well. If you want to take this and turn it into a super stylish side ponytail, follow these steps.

1. Comb your hair to the side, after first separating a small piece at the front of your hair. Use a hair tie in the color closest to your hair color and tie your ponytail.

2. Take the piece you separated and pin it with bobby pins.

If you want something a bit fancier, you can turn that side pony, into an messy chignon. Follow these simple steps:

1. Take the side ponytail and wrap it around loosely as if you were making a bun.

2. Use bobby pins to secure the ends in and you’ve got a whole new look!

Make sure you keep your Pantene Pro-V Stylers Flexible Hold Hairspray nearby as this will become your best friend. To finish off the look, you can add a beautiful flower or a tiara if you prefer. It’s your day and you should look and feel beautiful.

***This is a sponsored post in partnership with Pantene. All thoughts and ideas are my own, unless otherwise stated.***


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