Ricky Martin Shares Coffee with a Stranger

What would you say if someone invited you to share a coffee with a stranger? This question was asked of random people in Miami recently, and those that accepted were met with a huge surprise.

Coffee with Ricky Martin? Si! (Photo: Nescafé)
(Sometimes) Miami resident Ricky Martin surprised many people during a recent event, including me! Nescafé invited a group of Miami bloggers and social media influencers to enjoy a day savoring their iced coffee at Bayside Marketplace. They told us we'd be meeting a special celebrity as well, but we never imagined just how BIG this star would be.

Throughout the day, Miami residents and tourists came out in droves to sample the coffee, take photos at a fun photo booth and play fun games. Certain guests were approached by staff and were asked if they'd have coffee with a stranger. Those that accepted, were surprised when Mr. Living La Vida Loca sat opposite them---and who can blame them?!

I have to tell you all just how lovely Ricky was with all of us. All the wonderful things you've heard about him are all true. I'd fail you all if I didn't mentioned how gorgeous he is in person as well!! Wow...beautiful inside and out.

Check out the video below of what went down in the tent! Keep that in mind the next time a stranger approaches you at an event with a similar opportunity. You never know who you might meet!


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