What I Learned After Waxing (Nearly) Everything

Body hair is so annoying. I took the challenge last month to wax all the most popular spots and write about my experience. I'm coming out the other end pretty surprised about what I learned.

In partnership with my local European Wax Centers, I decided to see what it would be like to experience having my brows, upper lip, bikini, legs, and underarms waxed in one month. In all fairness, I had done my brows and Brazilian before, but I hadn't done either in many years. So I thought I could fairly take on this challenge and be honest with you guys about my experience.

Here's what I learned:


I stopped getting my eyebrows waxed when I discovered threading. I had been told that the skin on your brow would get pulled each time I'd get the treatment. That scared me enough to find an alternate method. I asked the experts at European Wax Center and they explained this is an old wives tale.

What made the biggest difference is the type of wax that was used. They use a high quality wax that comes on and off easily. I loved the result and have officially been reconverted to eyebrow waxing.

Upper Lip:

I'm not sure if it's just a Hispanic thing, but many of us grow so much hair! My upper lip has started bugging me more and more as I've gotten older. But would the hair grow back thicker?

I booked my appointment to do my brows, upper lip, and underarms during one appointment. I loved how quick my appointment was. It has been slow in coming back in and it's not thicker. It was a great experience and I will continue to do this.


If there was one experience that changed my life, it was getting my underarms waxed. Don't get me wrong, it hurt like crazy! But when I woke up the next day, my underarms looked and felt so amazing.  From so many years of shaving, I had that gross greenish color that so many women complain about. After waxing, it was gone.

Before you try this out, make sure you're not on your period or it will be more painful. This is true of getting anything waxed. I learned it the hard way!


I had never waxed my legs before either. My favorite thing about having my legs waxed is that they stayed hair-free for a lot longer than I would've imagined. They are so smooth and I know I will hate shaving them in the future.

This is the third most painful area of my body I had done. But it was a lot more tolerable than my underarms and definitely a lot more tolerable than...


About a decade ago, I tried getting a Brazilian wax. I hated the ingrown hairs I was getting from shaving but I noticed I got a lot of ingrowns after I got it waxed as well. So I gave up doing it and kept on shaving.


When I took on this challenge, I promised to wax nearly everywhere so I tried it again. As I mentioned before, the excellent wax used at EWC helped so much to avoid ingrown hairs. This time, I got zero! It was very painful but definitely worth it.

What I learned after this experience is that when you're going to do any kind of treatment, make sure the establishment you go to uses high quality products. Going to European Wax Centers helped me forget all those worries so I could simply enjoy the results.

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**This post is a sponsorship post in partnership with European Wax Centers. All thoughts and ideas are my own, unless otherwise noted.**


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