Cooking with MasterChef Claudia Sandoval

Claudia Sandoval was recently named season six winner of MasterChef by taking Mexican cuisine to the next level. Recently I had the chance to get in the kitchen with her thanks to Chef Merito, where we talked about her reality show journey while whipping up tacos.

Claudia Sandoval Cooks with Chef Merito (Photo: Rosy Cordero)
If you were addicted to MasterChef this season like I was, you know it was an extremely difficult competition. All the way until the end, I wasn't sure who was going to take the crown--- but I knew that I was backing Claudia Sandoval. Throughout the season, this single mom from California won my heart with the way she wanted to elevate Mexican cuisine. By the time we reached the final episode, I saw my mom, myself, and all the strong women in my family in her--- with tears in my eyes.

There are the haters out there who are criticizing her saying she only knows Mexican if that's not a reason to win! But if you watched the season, you would have noticed how she was able to bring a special twist to whatever dish she was tasked to complete. If she was limited as a chef, she would not have been able to meet and exceed the expectations of judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Christina Tosi.

My message to Claudia is the following: Don't worry about the haters girl, you won the competition fair and square. And now that the spotlight is on you, you'll find there are neigh sayers out there. But like I told you when we met, you have so many supporters out there that the rest don't matter.

I look forward to her restaurant and forthcoming cookbook!

The video below was shot before the competition ended. But we had such a great time I thought you all would want to see it. I also have an awesome video with the owner of Chef Merito products to share in a separate post to help my chefs and would-be chefs out. They too were fans of Claudia during the season and they set-up this amazing event.



  1. How awesome!! I loved the interview! I got really hungry just by watching it though. lol Thanks for sharing!

  2. Arroz con leche, que rico! Great interview, Rosy