Kendall Jenner is Double Trouble

Kendall Jenner continues her super popular campaign with Estee Lauder via this fun new video. In "Party Zombies," Jenner shows how her party comes to life.

Oh hai Kendall Jenner! The one Kardashian/Jenner sister who wears makeup that looks attainable by us mere humans. The video advert is promoting Estee Lauder's newest product, Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact ($45.00). The adorable blue clam houses a high performance formula that lasts up to eight hours. Woah!

Estee Lauder Product Tip:

Apply product over clean skin and over skincare. Use the sponge provided and always work from the center of your face and work your way outward. Press once on the compact for a light touch and twice for more coverage.

Check out how Kendall uses it below:


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