Balmain Brings Back the Supermodel

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer were brought together for a very special campaign from Balmain in support of their spring/summer 2016 collection. The images that were released by the fashion house are evocative of the 90's when the supermodel ruled the world.

It is impossible to explain the giddiness I feel as I look at these images. I am a child of the 90's and I remember obsessing over the beauty of the glossy sheets in magazines that were truly works of art. Cindy Crawford was my first girl crush before it was popular to have one. I loved when people saw my beauty mark and told me I was the Latina Cindy Crawford, ha ha!

Not only is Balmain one of the hottest fashion houses right now, but they knew that by bringing back these three powerhouse women they would get the worlds attention.

Cindy Crawford is perfection for Balmain
What I love the most is how it seems that time has frozen and that these are the same beauties that decorated my walls all those years ago. There are a lot of gorgeous models out there today folks, but none that could ever put these ladies to shame.

Thank you Balmain.


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