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I can become easily obsessed with many things, but this week I'm featuring three things I've been fond of for a long time: fangirling, perfume. and making silly faces. If you follow my Instagram, you'll have seen a combination of these three obsessions quite often.

Finally it's February and you know what that means?! Love, gifts, and laughter are in store for each and every one of you. That's why the above three images are what I'm currently obsessing over. Let me explain...

1. Holy moly! Stars fangirl over hot celebs too? Sophie Turner--- you know, Sansa from Game of Thrones---took this epic selfie during the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday. What makes this shot so amazing is that she positioned herself just in front of Ryan Gosling.

We bet Ryan is a huge fan of the show and she could've scored a selfie but this is so much more fun, right?!

A photo posted by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on

2. It's almost Valentine's Day and whether you have a significant other or not, you should be celebrating how much love you have in your life. Why not treat yourself, or drop hints to your loved one, to hook you up with the prettiest bottle of perfume on the market right now. Dolce & Gabbana recently released their Dolce Rosa Excelsa just in time for the most romantic day of the year.

The brand unveiled this beautiful video in support of the release that features hot boys spraying each other with water, a bunch of women named Rosa (Hey! Why wasn't I invited?), and the stunning Sophia Loren.

3. Ever since Zoolander was released in 2001, I've been patiently awaiting a sequel and it's finally happening later this month! Ben Stiller returns as the air-headed supermodel in Zoolander 2 alongside Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Benedict Cumberbatch and Penelope Cruz. We will definitely be thinking about David Bowie, who made an appearance in part one but recently passed away. 

As part of their marketing campaign, you can visit the Blue Steel Selfie Studio and strike your best pose. In case you haven't seen the trailer yet, here it is below. Zoolander 2 is in theaters on February 12th.


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