Rita Ora Launches Adidas Collection in Dubai

British singer Rita Ora had fans crying happy tears during a special appearance in Dubai earlier today. Rita was there to launch her Asian-inspired Adidas Originals Collection at Dubai Mall.

Rita Ora at Dubai Mall on February 10th, 2016 (Photo: Adidas)
Rita Ora hasn't become as big on this side of the pond as I had hoped, but I can't help but be obsessed with her. I've been following (read: stalking) her Instagram account and the only thing I'm mad about, is that she doesn't share her lipstick shades as often as I'd like.

Lipstick envy aside, Rita made fans cries tears of joy during her Dubai appearance. I'm sure they were dying to see a preview of her Asian inspired collection, but mainly they wanted to snap some fun selfies and maybe get a hug or two.
“adidas has been my family for four years now. Every year I drop stories with them – it’s not just a collection, every drop has its own story and theme. This season, it’s all about Asia. I was in Asia a couple of years ago and I became obsessed with everything there – the fashion, the culture, the landscapes, their values even the animals and wildlife. So I’ve brought that inspiration into this latest collection. The design process starts at least two seasons ahead so I’m super excited to see this collection finally in stores!” 
Katana Love x2 (Photo: Adidas)

I want at least one of everything, but I'd take two if available of the kimono print jacket and leggings. On another note, did you guys hear the gossip that Rita went on a hot date with one of my future baby daddy's, Gerard Butler?! They allegedly had dinner 5 minutes from my house in West Hollywood. If anyone can secure that hunk, it's Rita. I totally approve girl.

Did she unleash her inner geisha on the Scotsman? Only time will tell...

First, let us take a selfie (Photo: Adidas)


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