My City, My Mazda

For the last decade, I've owned two Mazda vehicles. So when they reached out to hook me up with a Mazda3 for a week, I was excited. Plus I'd be able to see how quickly and smoothly it would zip around town when I attended the We All Grow Conference in Long Beach.

My girls Jo and Brenda in front of our CX-5 in Huntington Beach, California
I should preface this conversation by saying I'm a pretty lucky girl. After selling my Mazda Tribute ahead of my big move to California, I've been putting off buying a car. Since I live in Hollywood, I'm so central to everything that I hardly need one. But as the "We All Grow Conference" got closer, I was happy to have been offered a Mazda for a week.

The CX-5 in the photo above was part of our field trip last Thursday when a group of us traveled to Huntington Beach in various Mazda's. As much as I loved the size, I found that I preferred the 3 since we have to do so much parallel parking out here. Regardless, it was awesome piling my girls in the SUV and cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway.

After the conference, I took a cruise around town to show you all some cool locations around my hood. The landmark I see all the time is the iconic Hollywood sign. I have days where I walk past it or catch a glimpse of it from a car and I still can't believe I live here!

Left: My parked Mazda 3 Right: My best friend Peetie and I in front of Lake Hollywood Park
Another local hotspot that gets photographed by many tourists is Kat Von D's tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoo at 1259 La Brea Avenue. I walk past the shop anytime I walk to my local market and there is always someone taking a picture in front of it. I rarely ever look inside after living here seven months but when my friends Waldo and Justin came for a visit, I peeked inside to prove Kat Von D is never spotted there but she just so happened to be working that very moment.

Cool collage located behind High Voltage Tattoo
Speaking of my grocery store, the second story of the parking structure is a great place to get a view of my new city. You can see how close I live to the Hollywood sign, The Roosevelt Hotel and the surrounding view of the mountains. Coming from Miami where we have no mountains, it's really cool to have a view like this:

Check out Peetie in the drivers seat!
I was really sad yesterday when they came to pick up my car, but I'm seriously considering purchasing another Mazda in the near future. In this Mazda3, I drove to work three days and a conference in Long Beach for three days then my adventures on Sunday documented here, all on one tank of gas.

To learn more about Mazda vehicles, click here right now!

**DISCLOSURE: As mentioned, Mazda gave me a car to use and review for one week. Opinions and thoughts are all my own.**


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