A Message to Humans From The Cat Lady

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Lil' Pudsy and Big Fat Pudding

I'm the human slave to two cats and I'm not sorry. If you're a fellow cat lady, you know what I'm talking about. Cats have these funny little bossy attitudes and they'll remind you on a daily basis what you're doing wrong. I get meow'ed off when the food isn't out and ready at the correct time. If I'm not providing cuddles at the very moment they'd like, they yell while comfortably sitting on the computer. And Lord help me if I don't clean up the litter box every day.

Throughout the years, I've learned exactly how to keep my cats happy and I want to pass on the knowledge to you dear friends. A happy cat equals happy human slaves.

1. Cats know what they like and they will not change their mind for you. One of my cats is a total cuddle bug and the other is a scaredy cat. The friendly cat, Big Fat Pudding, will greet strangers when they arrive at the house and he let's you know he wants to hang out. My youngest cat, Lil' Pudsy, will probably never be your pal. 

Learn their unique personalities and love them their way. This will help them open up to you as time goes by. Lil' Pudsy was a feral cat that found his way to my door at about 5 weeks old. His personality has evolved so much for the better because I let him be himself.

Pet Me Too Momma!
2. Learn what your cat is trying to tell you. Cats have their own little way of showing you what they want. When one of my cat jumps on the bed or couch and head bunts me or nudges my hand, they want a cuddle. Take a quick break and show them some love! If you don't, they'll work harder to get your attention! As previously mentioned, I've had Big Fat Pudding lay his twenty pound body on my laptop or in my way. He's part Maine Coon, hence how he got his name.

3. Find out what food works best for your cat. I realize that we're all on budgets but you should try to get the best food for them that you can. In the long run, it'll save you on vet bills and your cats will be happier for it. Lil' Pudsy will eat nearly anything but Big Fat Pudding will throw up if he doesn't like it. When switching out food, mix it up for them before completely replacing it. I have found this helps him adjust so much better.

Also keep in mind that cats don't really need carbs, they need a high protein diet.

Big Fat Pudding performing his nightly litter box inspection

4. CLEAN THE LITTER BOX! I hate using caps lock but I can't express how important this step is. If Pudding doesn't have a clean box daily, he will "go" wherever he knows that'll make me mad. I used to wait until my kitchen bag was full to clean the box but it's not enough. That's why you have to spoil your kitty by purchasing a Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System. I picked one up a few weeks ago from my local Target and I haven't heard one complaint since.

It's small enough to fit in our litter box area and it magically keeps the house smelling awesome. So having a clean litter box is a win-win for everyone. Since I have two cats, I'm going through the bags  quicker but for a home with one cat, the refill (which is 14 feet long) lasts about two months. It's so worth it! The way it helps eliminate odors and a trip to the dumpster daily is well worth the price.

Buying refills was also a snap. Target had plenty in stock along with a whole bunch of other fun and yummy stuff for the fur balls.

It was so easy to find my Litter Genie at Target

5. I am very against having a cats nails removed. So to keep a happy home, I make sure they have more than enough scratching posts so they don't use the furniture. It's part of their natural instinct to sharpen their nails. I make sure to trim them at least once a month to make sure they don't get too long or they could end up getting caught on bedding or the carpet.

They hate selfies but they indulge me
When you practice these five steps, you'll have a happy cat and a happy home. Just watch their body language and they'll tell you. In return, they won't scratch up your furniture or yell at you because their little box is full or they haven't been fed. A schedule and a fresh smelling home are important to both you and your cat. 

Love your fur babies and they'll love you back!

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  1. For me, a happy cat is anywhere I am- especially if her being there prevents me from doing anything at all- like, say, on a laptop, or on my lap on the toilet.... #client