First Wonder Woman Trailer Drops (Watch)

Wonder Woman made her big San Diego Comic-Con debut and star Gal Gadot is there!

I remember being a little girl and watching Lynda Carter become Wonder Woman on the original TV show. It was the first woman I ever saw that was a bad ass, other than my mother of course. She was strong, fair, and not afraid of anything. I owned pajama and underwear sets that had the logo emblazoned on it. I'd steal foil from the kitchen and wrap them around my wrists because I was powerful too.

When I first moved to LA last year, I saw Ms. Carter at a party and I froze. I interview celebrities for a living and I'm not star struck by many. But Lynda Carter is burned in my memory as the superhero who helped teach me the kind of woman I wanted to be.

You can only imagine how excited I am about the new movie with Gal taking over the titular role. She's currently in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center where the trailer has just made its debut.

Check it out now and get ready for the film when it hits theaters in 2017.


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