How To Pair Your Favorite Dishes with White Wine

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When it comes to enhancing the flavor of a meal, there's nothing I like more than wine. I love to cook with it and I also like to use it to pair with many of my favorite dishes. There are a lot of rules out there to help you do it the "right way," but I've found that it all comes down to what tastes good to you. So don't be shy! Gather your amigas and la familia together to sample different dishes and make it a fun event for everyone.

Forget about what you've heard: white wine doesn't only go with chicken and fish and red meat doesn't only work with red wine.

So what are some key points to follow? Here are a few simple things that will make the experience easy and fun. Keep in mind, you can use red or white wine when you host your event. But I'm going to focus on white because I find it's the easiest to work with and the most versatile.

1. You Don't Need To Spend A Lot- I love using the award-winning Sutter Home wine because they have a wide variety of wines available at affordable prices. They're my go-to wine all year round but they're the best during the summer months because it's so refreshing when it's muy caliente. Not only that, but are at least 5-6 locations within a 5 mile radius (minimum) of my home that carry Sutter Home.

Another thing I love about them is that they have different sizes you can purchase, si! For dinner parties I stock up on the 187ml sizes to encourage my guests to experiment. Sutter Home carries a nice Chardonnay, a sweet Moscato, a yummy Riesling, a delicious Pinot Grigio, and my favorite Sauvignon Blanc in that size. These are the perfect staples for any meal.

The larger sizes, including the 750ml and 1.5L, carry many more options. So buy various varietals in different sizes. You never know which one will be a hit!

2. It's Ok to Have Your Go-To Favorites-I can eat nearly any meal with a glass of Pinot Grigio or a Chardonnay. But if you go to a restaurant, ask the server or sommelier for a suggestion. It's a great way to try something new. Don't be surprised when your palette begins to change and like new flavors. Be open, and try something new!

3. Think Outside the Box- Do you know how delicious it is to have champagne with salty foods like burgers and pizza? I attended a champagne pairing dinner once and we sipped on bubbly with a variety of dishes including the aforementioned burgers and pizza as well as truffle fries, risotto and even steak. Champagne is extremely versatile and works well with red meat.

I used to only drink sweet wine like Riesling with dessert. Now I pair a refreshing glass with spicy food as well as Asian food like Korean BBQ. You can even have it with tacos! The sweetness from the wine will help create the perfect balance with some spice.

4. Chicken (and Seafood) Is Your Friend- Chicken and seafood are my favorite ingredients to cook with and drink with wine. Nearly any white wine goes well with either dish. If you're feeling adventurous, these are the two dishes to try it out with.

I make this super easy chicken dish where I brown chicken breasts on medium heat on both sides with nothing on it but a little salt and pepper. After browning, I add some white wine to the pan with onions and garlic. The chicken sucks up the wine and it's so juicy!

It hardly takes any time at all and it can be cut up in a salad or served over rice.

Also paella is muy sabroso with white wine. I went to an outdoor wedding where they had a giant paella chef cooking up so much goodness. Go for a light Sauvignon Blanc so as not to overpower the delicious flavors of the dish. You'll feel like you're visiting Spain!

5. Don't Skip Dessert- Sweets should not be ignored when it comes to pairing wine. Chocolate can be tough to pair but once you learn how to break it down, you'll love it! A Chardonnay works well with medium dark to milk chocolate. Bittersweet dark chocolate is excellent with a White Zinfandel.  Creamy milk chocolate goes perfectly with a Sauvignon Blanc.

If you prefer white chocolate, go with Moscato or Champagne. A delicious flan also pairs with champagne!

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