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            Six Principles

            We use Six Principles to make DMW Logistics people unique. We use these principles every day and in everything, to discuss business issues, to decide the best solution for a customer’s problem, to interview candidate, to hire and develop talent.

            All for Customer.  Customer is our origin port. In DMW Logistics, every solution we built is to solve problems that customer really has, and we are never hesitated to meet the highest bar that customer raised. Experts pick up problems of customer as self-mission, use customer feedback to drive improvement or innovation, implement changes to meet the needs of customers. Greatest idea starts from problems that customers have.

            Deliver once for all. Despite tight deadline and obstacles, experts focus on the destination and deliver the best with right quality and in time. If there is a goal given by customer but will take a long time to achieve, or others don’t believe it’s achievable, we still work towards and try to achieve it. In DMW Logistics, no dependency or excuse is beyond deliver destination. Although steep steps, we never give up.

            Take Ownership. Experts in DWM Logistics undertake individual responsibility to benefit the whole company and our customers, in purpose of short term gain or long term goal. nothing is outside area of personal responsibility or free of stakeholders. Experts meet the commitments promised. When we see a risk of commitment to customer, or a peer struggling in challenges, we will not say it’s not my business. Nothing being done is not an option in DMW Logistics.

            Look into Details. Experts attach themselves closely to the details, audit frequently and look over the whole metrics time to time. To understand a problem, or identify underlying issue, professionals go down several layers to figure it out, gather information, and ensure no information is missing to solve the problem.  In DWM Logistics, if there is an information gaps or ambiguity, we ask 5W2H to get the root cause. We find out right solution without unintended consequences.

            Challenge Often and Improve Frequently. Right decision comes from overcoming challenges. Experts challenge themselves often and respectfully challenge others when they disagree. Once a decision is made, they commit their best efforts without hesitate. Challenging make experts stronger. We improve our performance frequently. First version is never the last.

            Think Safety and Reliability. When we are dealing with food products, it’s not only about shipment, but also about public health, when we are dealing with dangerous or hazardous products, it’s not only about business, it’s about public safety. Experts think public benefit bigger than business initiatives. In DMW Logistics, we don’t trade the public risks or regulation compliance with possible business benefit. 

            Tina Lin,

            Tina Lin, Director

            +86 411 82520290

            Do I need to contact different sales for the inquiry ex different POL?

            DMW Logistics provides one-stop service. You can ship from any Chinese port. You only need to contact the same sales service that you usually serve. You don't need to contact many people to quote. We arrange exclusive sales staff for each customer, exclusive operator, save your communication time.

            Advantages in Chemical Transportation?

            There are more than 300 kinds of products that we serve, including class2, class3, class4, class5, class6, class8, class9. We are familiar with the MSDS approval process for general chemicals, the booking requirements for dangerous goods, and the special characters of various dangerous goods, such as: flash point, marine pollution, and the port of destination emergency contact information. We have extensive packing experience for different packaging and different types of chemicals. Different blocking and bracing methods are used to load the full or half container; American mode in blocking and bracing required for the American Railways or general mode for non-US destination shipped by us can meet our customers' different needs.

            Can you provide loading survey report?

            Yes, we can provide third-party survey services for our customer. Also we could provide on-site inspections by our colleagues. You can just tell our customer service department in advance when you send a booking order.

            Can DMW Logistics provide TANK service?

            Yes, DMW Logistics can provide marine transport for customers who have their own tanks. We can also provide tanks and marine transportation services for customers who do not have tanks. We can supply a sufficient number of regular ISO TANKs for years and Baffle TANK.

            Can you provide TANK registration service?

            Yes, we will send the documents required by ports regulators to you. After documents are completed, we will help you with the TANK registration procedures at the loading port.

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